Medical Credentialing Rates

How Much Does Medical Credentialing Cost?
We provide full service medical credentialing—which is the process of getting networked with insurance companies—at affordable rates. For example, if you're a solo practitioner, you can get credentialed for as little as $200 per panel.

Is It Worth It? Will It Pay Off?
Did you know that credentialing can improve your practice's profitability? Meaning that you'll be able to pay off the credentialing fee after just a couple appointments with clients. In other words, if you have to turn away a patient because you don't accept their insurance, you've lost out on their business and the profit that comes with it. That said, working with us to get credentialed is worth it, and it certainly pays off!

Get Started Today
To help make the process of starting credentialing simple, we have a team on call to give you a quote. To order, or to contact our friendly support team, call us anytime at 1-855-664-5154.