Mental Health Billing

mental health billing
Once your practice is credentialed with insurance companies, the next step is having an excellent mental health billing process

The trouble is that many mental health professionals struggle in the department of billing--getting reimbursement from insurance isn't always easy, especially if you are juggling a growing caseload of clients and an ever-increasing number of administrative responsibilities. Alas, even group practices and agencies, in the mental health field, struggle much more than some of their medical counterparts. The margins in mental healthcare can be thin. Hence, administrative staff are usually stretched pretty thin with responsibilities other than tracking down accounts receivable. 

It isn't uncommon for mental health practices to collect less than 80% of their due fees, and to not realize it until it is too late. Don't let this happen!!

We don't mean to scare you...there are a lot of respectable medical billing companies "out there" that can help, and medical billing can even be done in-house well, if you have the trained staff. However, our staff is full of excellent billers with decades of experience working with insurance companies, and we get extremely high reimbursement rates for our clients. 

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