Medical Credentialing Software: Helpful or Not?

Medical Credentialing Software companies have arrived, touting software that is said to make the medical credentialing process easier for providers (and the support teams behind them). 

But does medical credentialing software live up to the hype? Does it make the medical credentialing process easier? Dr. Anthony Centore writes a compelling and insightful article about the 5 reasons that medical credentialing software won't Make Getting on Insurance panels easier.

5 Reasons why Medical Credentialing Software is Useless for Most Health Practices

Medical credentialing (the process of getting on insurance panels) is a hassle for many health providers. In response to this, several medical credentialing software companies have popped-up over the last few years, promising that their software will make the credentialing process easier. But will it?

In this article, we will look at how medical credentialing software works, and review several reasons why—unless your company has over 100 health providers—credentialing software won’t save you time, or make the credentialing process easier.

Full disclosure: I am the owner of a medical practice with a dozen mental health professionals. I began looking into medical credentialing software several years ago, and have spoken with several of the major companies as late as a summer 2011. In addition to running a small medical practice, I also consult frequently with other medical practices, often counseling practices (through Thirdly, and possibly most relevant for the reader concerned about author bias, I also run a company that provides medical credentialing services to health professionals (at After much investigation, even though we are credentialing around 100 health professionals at any given time, we have determined that medical credentialing software cannot make our service more efficient for our employees, or our customers....

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