Medical Credentialing Service - Press Release

Medical Credentialing Service Helps Therapists get on Insurance Panels


As more Americans than ever are getting health care coverage, mental health professionals (including therapists in private practices) are finding that accepting insurance is an important part of their career success.

Unfortunately, the process of getting on insurance panels is known to be one wrought with bureaucracy and ambiguity—and many medical professionals are reluctant to begin the provider application process. 

Today, a new service specializing in mental health credentialing is offering to take on the medical credentialing hassle on behalf of mental health providers. Dr. Anthony Centore, founder of the service, comments, “Many counselors and behavioral health professionals have heard ‘horror stories’ from their colleagues related to getting on insurance panels. We realized that we could help counselors by completing the credentialing process for them.”

Customers of the service fill out one data collection form, and provide a list of insurance companies’ panels they with to join. The medical credentialing service takes it from there—filing provider applications and following up with insurance companies—contacting the mental health professional to provide updates, and for the occasional request for additional information. 

The service helps clinicians in the continental U.S., and is based in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit, or call 1-855-484-7483.

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