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It is simple to get stated with mental health credentialing!

call us at 
(855) 664-5154. has made getting on insurance panels easy. Here's how the process works. 

We have created the easiest process possible for you; we do all the "heavy lifting" with the insurance companies.



1) Contact us at 
(855) 664-5154
, and we will send you our "Master Survey" that asks general questions about your work history, education, license, etc. Complete and return the survey.

2) Simply send us a list of insurance companies, in your area, that you would like to pursue credentialing with! For example, you might say: "I want to be on Blue Cross, Medicare, Aetna, Value Options, Medicade, etc."

3) That's it! We start working to get you on those panels, and we keep in touch with you to give you updates on our mutual success!


Dr. Anthony Centore