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What is the credentialing process, when working with you?

We make the credentialing process easy for you. When you sign up with us, we will send you one simple application—we call it our “master survey.” This survey asks basic questions ranging from your license number, to your educational history. Together, we decide what insurance companies you want to work with (we likely have a list we can recommend, based on your location).

Then, our staff will begin the process of retrieving, completing, submitting, and following up on applications on your behalf.  We keep in touch with you throughout the process, and contact you if we ever need any additional information. We also contact you when we need signatures from you for the applications.

If you ever want to check in on your progress, you can call us, or view your progress via an online dashboard!

How long does it take to get credentialed?

The credentialing process usually takes about 90 days, start to finish. Because of this, if you are getting ready to start a private practice, don’t wait until the week before you open your doors to start the process!

What if I don’t get on the insurance panels I want?

While getting on insurance panels can be complicated, applying to be on insurance panels isn’t like applying to graduate school where you send in your application and hope that you will be accepted.

Generally, when getting networked with insurance companies, we know from early on whether they are willing to accept you into their network. After that, it’s just a matter of jumping through hoops until the credentialing process is finished.

Some companies have providers begin the credentialing process by completing a pre-application, called a “provider application request form.” If your request for an application is denied, we can either (1) make an appeal on your behalf, or (2) move on and credential you with other insurance companies.

The insurance panels in my area are closed; can you help me get credentialed?

While it is true that some insurance panels in some areas are closed, more often we find that they are more or less “restricted.” What we can do is contact the insurance companies you are interested in working with and stress aspects of your practice that will make you more desirable to the insurance company. Perhaps you:

1) Work with children

2) Work with underserved populations

3) Are certified in hypnosis, EMDR, or some other niche form of therapy

4) Have extended office hours

5) Offer weekend appointments

6) Have a handicapped accessible office

7) Offer therapy in a second language

8) Have an affiliation with another practice or organization that is referring clients to you, who have said insurance plan

9) Have a colleague who prescribed medication, who is willing to refer patients to you.

10) Have some other specialty we can use to persuade difficult insurance companies.

While no one’s success rate is perfect in situations like this, our clients are often surprised when we are able to get them credentialed with insurance companies that their colleagues have informed them were “closed.”

What is the cost of getting on insurance panels?

Our rates are very affordable, as low as under $200 per panel. This means that it only takes a couple appointments with a single new patient/client to earn back the credentialing fee. Put another way, if you turn just one potential new patient away because you don’t accept their insurance, you have lost money.

Who are you? And how did you get into medical credentialing?

Thanks for asking! Our team got their start at Thriveworks, which offers counseling and coaching services. Now, after credentialing dozens of our own providers (and struggling for the first couple years with the process) we realized that we could help a lot more good clinicians also get on insurance panels. Now, we have a team dedicated to helping you get credentialed at mentalhealthcredentialing.com

Our staff has been quoted in the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, ABC News, and more (usually for clinical / medical content). Also, our company is a member of the BBB and maintains the highest possible grade rating with the Boston Chapter Better Business Bureau!

Here are a few more videos that might answer some questions we didn't cover above. Check the following out to better understand which insurance companies you should get credentialed with; how you can find out where you are in the credentialing process; what to do if you don't get credentialed with the companies you desired; and more!

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I have more questions. Can I talk to someone about getting on insurance panels?

Absolutely. We’d love to talk with you. Call us anytime at 1-(855) 664-5154