Credentialing Costs

The value of credentialing far outweighs the cost.
If you haven't already, we suggest that you read our "Getting Started with Credentialing" page first!

When we receive from you a list of insurance companies you would like to be credentialed with (EX: BC/BS, Aetna, Value options, Medicare, etc.), we will be able to provide you an estimate of how many hours it will likely take to retrieve and complete applications, and follow up with the insurance companies. 

Sometimes the credentialing process goes without a hitch, but often there is a bump or two along the way (we will work that into the estimate, so there are no surprises!). 

We know that money is tight. Many of our customers are small group practices, or individuals just getting started in private practice. That's why our rates for credentialing are very affordable. For a quote give us a call! 1-
(855) 664-5154.